Canada Public Health Recommendations

DHR Recommendations

  1. Stay connected by ACTIVELY participating in various Associations WhatsApp chats Group: If you are not a participant in any Association platform kindly call/text/email our DHR Project Team:

Canada/USA:(800) 4011984

  1. Volunteer: Your time availability, professional skills, financial resources and moral support are vital assets in the hand-holding process to fight this Pandemic within our community. To volunteer in any area proportionate to your strength, please kindly contact our DHR Project Team:

Canada/USA:(800) 4011984

  1. Are you a DHR Partner Association in Canada and has any member infected with Covid-19 and confirmed by the Health Authorities?

Your DHR Project Team is here to support you.

Canada/USA:(800) 4011984

  1. For any other additional support/resources:

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