A formal contract between Diaspora Home Return (DHRLife) 

  1. DHRLife is a non-profit and apolitical association whose primary aim is the provision of moral and financial support to assist with the funeral cost of the remains of its members from Canada to their final resting place.

  1. Partner associations commit to sending one (1) member to attend general assembly meetings and to respect the decisions arrived at during all general assemblies.

  1. The minimum membership for an association to be considered in the scheme is 10.

  1. Partner associations are responsible for subscribing to their interested members whose principal addresses are in Canada into the scheme. Membership is also open to visitors and parents.

  1. Partner associations agree to pay a one-time $50 registration fee to be part of the scheme.

  1. Partner association agrees to pay their contribution quota within the next 72 hours upon receiving the notification of death to DHRLife. This amount is determined by the number of members on their role. This amount will enable DHRLife to accomplish its mission and honor its obligation.

  1. Regular members who are (residents/Citizens) have 30-day probation prior to benefiting from the scheme.

  1. Visitor members have no probation period in order to benefit from the scheme. Parent members have 3 months’ probation in order to benefit from the scheme. (See bylaws for membership details)

  1. Partner associations have to provide a certificate of proof of death of a member and other documents as required by DHRlife. (see bylaws for details)

  1. DHRLife commits to disburse the sum of sixteen thousand Canadian Dollars ($16.000) to the family of the bereaved after ascertaining the veracity and the eligibility of the claim, of the deceased member and ensuring that the deceased member was in good standing before the unfortunate event occurred.

  1. Partner associations have the obligation and responsibility to maintain updated membership information.

  1. Partner associations give their consent to the publication of the list of their registered members to the DHRLife’s website and DHRLife commits not to provide this information to any third party.

  1. All membership to the scheme can only be done through an association/group. A member can only be registered in one association at a time and have only ONE registration number. Partner associations have the responsibility to verify if their members are already registered through another association/group.

  1. The DHRLife Scheme only goes active at the registration of at least one thousand (1000) ACTIVE MEMBERS.

  1. Partner Associations will be provided with a copy of the bylaws and agree to be bound by its terms.

  1. Changes to the terms and conditions may be done to adapt to the changing situation as the need arises. Such changes can only be done by the DHRLife Board of Directors, who will receive suggestions from its eligible members to that regard.

The duration of this policy is indeterminate and can be terminated at any time. The

rights and obligations within this policy go into effect as from the date of signature of

the policy.