The organization is officially registered in the Province of Quebec under the name DIASPORA VIE –
DIASPORA HOME RETURN is the English version with the acronym DHRLife.

i. To bring together members of the community within Partner Associations in their respective regions in Canada without distinction of race, tribe, gender, sexual orientation, or religion in assisting with funeral costs and facilitating the journey of deceased members to their final resting places.
ii. To provide a social networking platform through which members can share their ideas, assist each other,
and also trade in goods and services at discounted rates.

i. Membership is voluntary
ii. Associations, groups, and families with at least 10 members can register as a Group or Partner Association.
iii. Partner Associations must pay a one-time fee of $50 and have no less than 10 active members.
iv. Partner Association must be based in Canada and must have a Canadian address.
v. Any Partner Association that adheres to DHRLife accepts its Bylaws and undertakes to respect them scrupulously.
vi. An individual can only become a member by subscribing to a Partner Association or Group.
vii. Members must provide full names and dates of birth as they appear on official documents at the time of subscription.
viii. An individual becomes a member of DHRLife as soon as a registration number is assigned and published.
ix. No member can have two registration numbers.
x. It is the responsibility of each Partner Association or Group to ensure that its members do not have double registration numbers.
xi. A member can transfer his/her membership from one Partner Association or Group to another at no cost.
xii. Partner Associations or Groups are responsible for managing and updating their members’ lists and information on their portal.
xiii. DHRLife will not accept changes on lists after the announcement of the death of a member.

DHRLife has three types of members:

i. Regular membership is open to people with a primary residential address in Canada.
ii. Upon registration, a regular member will undergo a 30-day waiting period.
iii. Their membership status is inactive and they do not make any contributions and are not covered.
iv. After the waiting period, the status changes to active and is covered irrespective of the place of death.

i. Visitor membership is open to people who are on a temporary stay in Canada and have their primary residential address outside of Canada.
ii. A visitor’s status is active immediately upon registration.
iii. They will contribute to deaths during the duration of their active status and are covered only if they die within Canada.
iv. Their membership terminates at the end of their stay in Canada and it is the responsibility of the Partner Association or Group to change the status to inactive.
v. Their membership status can be changed to active if they return to Canada.

i. Parent membership is open to biological parents of active members.
ii. The parent must be residing or visiting in Canada or the United States.
iii. Upon registration, parents will undergo three months of probation during which time their membership status will be inactive.
iv. Being inactive, they shall not be liable to make contributions and shall not be eligible to receive death benefits.
v. After the probation period, their membership status becomes active and they shall make contributions and be eligible if they pass away in Canada or the United States.
vi. They may be registered again upon their return to Canada or the United States but shall undergo the probation period.

Membership of DHRLife can be terminated by:
i. The death of a member.
ii. Withdrawal by any Partner Association or Group.
a. To withdraw, Partner Association or Group shall submit a reasoned letter to the Board of Directors
iii. Expulsion or breach of the Bylaws.

The organs of DHRLife shall be the National Office and the General Assembly.

i. The national office is made up of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
ii. The tenure of the members of the Board of Directors shall be (3) years renewable once.
iii. The members of the Executive committee are elected for a term of (2) years renewable once by a simple majority of the general assembly.


The Board of Directors shall be made up of the following members:
i. The number of Board members shall consist of not more than 20 at any given time and shall include; the President, Vice President Finance and Vice President Membership, Vice President Communication of the Executive Committee,
ii. Designated Provincial/Territorial liaison officers.
iii. Five (5) members elected by the General Assembly.
iv. An Auditor (with no voting right).

The Board of Directors shall:
i. Have control of and be responsible for the management of the affairs and property of DHRLife.
ii. Develop, implement and monitor policies that will allow DHRLife to carry out its mission.
iii. Maintain effective partnerships and communication with the community, the members, and stakeholders.
iv. Maintain fiscal responsibility, including raising capital, managing funds, and approving payments.
v. Ensure transparency in all communications to members, stakeholders, and the public.
vi. Evaluate the work of the Executive Committee ensuring compliance with strategic plans and policies.
vii. Have authority to suspend or expel any member from DHRLIfe for any one or more of the following grounds:
a. Violating any provision of the Articles, Bylaws, or written policies of the organization;
b. Fraud;
c. Carrying out any conduct which may be detrimental to DHRLife as determined by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion.
viii. Replace any national officer who resigns or is unable to act or is absent for a prolonged period of time, thus, until the following general meeting where an election shall be held to fill the vacant position(s).
ix. Create the appropriate committees to oversee the proper functioning of DHRLife and to elect the members to the said committees.
x. Jointly sign DHRLife’s cheques with the appointed executive committee members.
xi. Determine the sanction on a Partner Association or Group that defaults on their membership quota after the stipulated deadline.
xii. Shall investigate allegations of fraud.
xiii. The Board of Directors shall operate based on the code of conduct which shall be defined in a separate document.
xiv. Other functions which the Board of Directors in its sole and absolute discretion considers to be reasonable, having regard to the purpose and mission of DHRLife.

i. The Board of Directors shall meet at least 4 times a year (this could be physical as well as virtual).
Preferably at the end of each quarter.
ii. Shall be called to validate, announce, coordinate collection, and disbursement of funds.
iii. Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the chair, vice-chair, or any 5 of the directors.
iv. Partner Association may be invited to attend and participate in Board of Directors meetings, but shall not have a right to vote.
v. Notices of Board of Directors meetings shall be given not less than 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

4.2.4.: QUORUM
i. The quorum of the Board of Directors shall be constituted if 50% of its members are present.
ii. The decisions of the Board of Directors shall be made by a 3/4 majority vote of the members who are present.


The Executive Committee shall be made up of: PRESIDENT
The responsibilities of the president are as follows:
i. Shall be the chief executive officer implementing the strategic plans and policies.
ii. Subject to the authority of the Board of Directors, shall have general powers of supervision and representation of DHRLife.
iii. Shall chair the meetings of the General Assembly.
iv. Shall call General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings. VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF COMMUNICATION
The responsibilities are as follows:
i. Shall be responsible for all internal and external communications.
ii. Shall be the secretary of General Assembly and Board of Directors’ meetings.
iii. Shall keep the minute books and all documents of DHRLife
iv. Shall publish minutes and notices of meetings.
v. Shall develop and communicate public relations policies of DHRLIfe. VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF OPERATIONS
The responsibilities are as follows:
i. Shall define, document, publish, and archive all relevant processes, policies, and procedures of DHLife in
consultation with, and approval of the Board of Directors.
ii. Shall develop, plan and coordinate various activities of DHRLife in regards to project development. VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF FINANCE
The responsibilities are as follows:
i. Shall ensure that all financial transactions are properly recorded.
ii. Shall collect all DHRLife dues and any money owed to DHRLife.
iii. Shall present to the Executive Committee, General Assembly upon request, or every quarter, the
bank statement and DHRLife’s s financial report.
iv. Shall make all disbursements authorized by the Board of Directors.
v. Shall be one of the signatories to the Bank account. VICE PRESIDENT IN CHARGE OF MEMBERSHIP
The responsibilities are as follows:
i. Shall coordinate membership drives and activities in collaboration with provincial liaison officers.
ii. Shall administer DHRLife’s membership in terms of prospection, growth, and retention. PROVINCIAL/TERRITORIAL LIAISON OFFICERS
i. Shall work in collaboration with various Vice Presidents in the implementation of their projects in their
Provinces and Territories.

i. Shall be the supreme body of DHRLife and its decision shall be final.
ii. Shall be composed of representatives of all Partner Associations and Groups, the National Office and the
Board of Directors.
iii. The venue of the meetings shall be determined by the Board of Directors on a rotational basis.
iv. The quorum of the General Assembly shall be 1/4 of the registered members and decisions shall be
agreed on by ½ of the members sitting in the General Assembly.
v. The meeting shall be convened by the chair of the President through the following channels:
a. Email
b. Telephone call
c. Social media correspondence

i. An extraordinary GA Meeting can be called by the Chair, Vice-Chair, or President in the event of a force
Majeure or as may be deemed necessary given the circumstances.

The following shall be considered fraud:
i. Registration of a regular member whose principal address is not in Canada
ii. Creation or attempted creation of duplicate registration.
iii. Changing membership details (name, date of birth) after registration without the approval of the Board of Directors.
iv. Falsification of documents of any kind.

7.1. A member who dies on Canadian territory, the family or Partner Association or Group must provide the following documents to the Board of Directors:
i. The death certificate;
ii. Photo;
iii. Proof of registration.
And any one of the following;
I. Proof of primary address or
II. Permanent Resident Card or proof of Canada Citizenship.
7.2.: In the event of the death of a member outside of Canada, the family Partner Association or Group must provide the following supporting documents:
i. The death certificate and/or any certification of death;
ii. Photo;
iii. Proof of registration.
And two of the following.
i. Copy of Drivers license or residence card or Provincial/Territorial health card or passport;
ii. Social Insurance Number (SIN);
iii. Air Ticket;
iv. Paystub or Equivalent;
v. Notice of Assessment.
7.3 In the event of death of a visitor member of the Canadian Territory. the following supporting documents must be
i. The death certificate and/or any certification of death;
ii. Photo;
iii. Proof of Registration;
iv. Relevant passport pages
7.4.: DHRLife is not responsible for administrative formalities for a deceased member.

8.1.1. The death benefit shall be $16,000 less any funeral expenses paid on behalf of the deceased and
subject to subscribing to attaining 1000 active members.
8.1.2. Until the subscription attains 1000 active members, the death benefit shall be $5000.
8.1.3. The payment will be made by cheque directly to the next of kin/family of the deceased member.
8.1.4. In case the payment cannot be made by cheque, the Board of Directors will determine the best possible method of payment.

i. The benefit amount will be divided by the total number of DHRLife members to determine the individual member quota.
ii. The DHRLife Board of Directors must receive all contributions from Partner Associations within three (3) days after the official call for contributions.
iii. The official death announcement shall be made when death has been validated by the Board of Directors in the event of default.

i. The individual member contribution will include an administrative fee, which will be determined by the Board of Directors.
ii. The administrative fee will serve as the management fee for DHRLife.
iii. Any Partner Associate that does not meet the deadline of 72 hours, shall pay a late fee of $50 per day for each day of default to a maximum of $250.

i. To oversee the financial reporting disclosure process.
ii. To monitor documentation authenticity so as to facilitate the smooth running of DHRLife’s internal processes.
iii. To monitor and update DHRLife’s system of internal control and compliance in accordance with federal and provincial laws and regulations.
iv. To work with the independent external auditor to facilitate disclosure of source documents when required.
v. To interact with the National Office to monitor and propagate ethics and compliance.
9.1.2. The audit committee will meet every quarter to discuss, improve, facilitate and make proposals and recommendations to the Board of Directors to improve processes and processes for better transparency and functionality.

The Bylaws shall be amended by a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly Meeting