• DHRLife is a community-owned, community managed social insurance and networking scheme, aimed at lessening the burden on the family of deceased members by assisting with funeral cost, arrangements, and repatriation to a final resting place.
  • Members do not pay any periodic premiums and only contribute to the occurrence of death within the DHRLife community.

Membership to the DHRLife scheme is open to Canadian residents and visitors without distinction of race, tribe, sexual orientation or religion. You can only become a member through subscription under a partner association.

A partner association can be a family, group, or association of not less than ten (10) people and must pay a one-time membership fee of $50 through the DHRLife website during registration. There are no limits to the number of members that can be registered by a partner association.

  • Members can also register their parents who are out of Canada.
  • The scheme also provides a networking platform through which members can share ideas, assist each other and get goods and services at discounted rates.
  • There is a 30-day probation period for regular members (Canadian Resident Permit holders and Citizens). Visitors’ membership becomes active and is eligible for a benefit immediately upon registration. Visitors’ membership becomes inactive when they leave Canada.
  • Parents become active and eligible for benefits after a 3 months’ probation period.

Yes, a request to transfer membership to another partner association will be processed using the DHRLife transfer of membership procedure. Both the old and new partner associations should be aware of the transfer and must be validated by the DHRLife board of directors.

  • Membership ends when a DHRlife member is deceased.
  • Partner associations can terminate their membership through written notification to the DHRLife board of directors. DHRLife reserves the right to terminate the membership of any partner association or members whose actions violate any of the terms and conditions of the membership agreement.
  • The amount of $16000 is paid to the next of kin/family of a deceased DHRLife member upon the occurrence of death. DHRLife will also provide the family with information about funeral homes and repatriation arrangements.
  • Membership must be active at the time of death and must be validated by the board of directors. Regular members (Canadian residents/citizens) are covered anywhere in the world while visitors’ members are only covered if death occurs within Canada. Parents are covered in North America.

Members are required to designate a next of kin at the time of registration. The next of kin should be a close relative or friend of the member. The next of kin may not be a registered member.

The amount to be paid will be divided by the total number of DHRLife members. Each partner association will be responsible for paying the quota for their association using any of the payment options in the DHRLife website.

The contributions must be received within three days (72 hours) after DHRLife board of directors makes the official death announcement and call for contributions.

If an association does not pay their contributions within three days from the date of the announcement, a late penalty fee of $50 per day will apply automatically after the due date. Any partner association that accumulates up to $250 of late penalty fees will face disciplinary action that could include membership termination.

Upon the occurrence of a death of a member, the representative of the partner association should notify the DHRLife management through the online notification system. An official announcement and call for contributions will be made after review and validation by the DHRLife board of directors.