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Welcome to Diaspora Home Return (DHR)

Advantages of joining the program

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  • Transparency our watch word
  • You get your funds 72 hours after providing control checks
  • We assist you in negotiate flight prices
  • Tailored to serve the Anglophone public
  • We pay upfront and recollect the funds from members

Owned by the Community for the Community

Tailored to the needs of Anglophones in Canada

Pay beneficiaries within 72 hrs of declaration

Special status to all categories

Step 1

Join us either individually or through your association. Visit our home page to verify if your association is part of our affiliated groups 

Step 2

Fill in some details about yourself either directly of through your association. Make your initial one-time payment and get all your benefits 

Step 3

You are now a member, ride on and enjoy all the benefits of DHR. 

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