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What is the difference between a DHRLife Partner Association and a DHRLife Sponsor Association?

A partner association is an association that is duly registered on the dhrlife platform. The association supports the dhrlife scheme morally. The Association has registered at least 10 members and encourages its members to register. A partner association equally goes above and beyond to encourage other associations to register and help crowd fund the initiative.

A sponsor association goes a step further to finance and patronize the initiative through an interest free loan to the dhrlife initiative because they trust and believe in the community project.

We want to thank the below Sponsor associations for expressing their intent to become sponsor associations.


UBCDA (Upper Bayang Cultural & Development Association)

MECA Toronto


BCA Ontario

NWesterners of Canada (Toronto)

We are hoping to grow the list to 20 Associations. Please reach out to the dhrlife project team and become a sponsor association.

Edwin Bawe and Hilary Alemnchong Asaba have reacted to this post.
Edwin BaweHilary Alemnchong Asaba

I do not know of very many reasons or many things in Life that are as fulfilling as looking after the well-being of ones community and making sure none is left behind.

Dhrlife comes in very timely  and I wish to in a very special way, thank the sponsor associations listed above and those still warming up to be counted among our sponsor associations for supporting this common community initiative.

Hilary A Asaba

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