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Transfer a member from One Association or Group to another

DHRLife has made member transfers between groups very easy. Given the mobility and movement of members from one group to another, DHRLife decided to make transfers less complex but maintaining member status.

Transfer of a member must be requested by the admin of the new group or association.

Once the admin logs in, from the left menu, Go to:

Transfer Request > New Transfer > Select Old Association from Pull Down Menu > Select Name of the member requesting the transfer.

Click on Send Request.

Once you send the request,   The old Admin and the user get an email that a request for Transfer has been made.

The Old Admin has 7 days to approve the request. Once the request is approved, The user receives an approval email and is automatically added as a member to the new group.

You can also click on "State of Transfers" to check the status of your transfer. It is up to the member to follow up with the old admin from his/her old group to approve the request.

Hope this is helpful.


DHRlife Administrator




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