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Simple steps in Signing up your Association or group on the DHRlife platform.

Registering your association on the dhrlife platform is quite simple.

All you need is 3 emails:

1- Association Email

2- Two Representative emails.

These 3 emails will receive all communications and activation information from the dhrlife platform.

Don't worry if you make a mistake, you can easily change the reps later. You can easily replace the reps from your back office.

Hope this has been informative for all.

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way to go. am so impressed with the progress this project has picked. big courage to all the cordinators

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If your association hasnt signed up...encourage them. Add your voice to those encouraging the association to signup.

If they are ignoring you, you can start your own dhrlife group. To be eligible for reimbursement and qualify as a group, you must have at least 10 subscribers. 2 families can come together and add a few friends and relatives to form a group. You can easily transfer to a group that you want after subscription at no cost.

remember dhrlife is not only about death, its about business and services.

check out the website.


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